Achieve hydrated super curl definition with shine!

Ready to experience luscious, very juicy, soft, bouncing and behaving, long lasting defined curls with shine? 

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  • Mona Testimony

    • Good morning Abena, this is Mona. I hope you enjoyed your vacation. Just wanted to update you on your gel I purchased from you. It is amazing. This gel has improved my hair life tremendously. My first time
      using it I was able to go 8 days. Which was a record breaker for me, because normally my hair would last 4 days the most. It gave my hair the slip I always complained about when trying to rake my hands throughout my hair to style. It gives long lasting shine and hold. It even held up on those rainy days which I was pleasantly surprised with.
    • You told me as time goes on, I would get better with my wash and go. And
      adding your gel as a topper has put me where I have been trying to get
      for years. You have no idea how it makes me feel to be able to wash my
      hair and be able to get 7 plus days from it.. Thank you 😊 very much for
      your teaching and that gel.  
    • See you in May…
  • Audrey Day 5 

    • A little wind blown, just came in.  Worked out 3 days this week so far.  Holding up very well!!  Keeping shape, soft, defined,
      shiny.  Falls right into place after workouts and fluffs well in the am
      when I get up.”
  • Odessa Testimony

    Though 14 days is not recommended for maintaining hydration levels,
    Odessa was planning to travel to Egypt for two weeks in April 2022 and
    she wanted to see how well her hair would hold up. "It gets curlier and
    shinier.  I worked out every day for 14 days, experienced no itching, no
    flaking. Even definition and hold still looks good. It rained throughout the week. You can see the curls. 

    Even playing with it, (to
    demonstrate she pulls on a curl to extend it, let it go and it snapped
    back into place) the curls are "set, set" and hair still feels moist
    and soft but well defined,

    curls are still set.

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