ENBBA stands for Embrace Natural Beauty By Abena. ENBBA Naturals is a line of water-soluble hair care products specifically designed to hydrate and define tight curls. Our formulas are crafted with the finest plant-based ingredients, carefully chosen for their ability to deliver results without harsh chemicals or artificial additives. ENBBA Naturals is a natural hair care line that provides a way to deliver solutions for wearing our tight curls.  It was created by Abena Palmore, a licensed cosmetologist based in New York City and owner of Embrace Natural Beauty Salon in White Plains, New York.  Serving the tight curl client professionally since 2015, Embrace Natural Beauty is more than a full service salon. In addition to curly styling and cutting, there is ongoing education and partnership between the professional and the client.  ENBBA Naturals allows Abena to continue to provide solutions for individuals beyond the chair.



While products for ENBBA Naturals have been in development and testing since 2020, one styling gel has emerged as a winner to address some of the concerns presented by Embrace Natural Beauty Salon clientele. Clients who love to wear their hair in a hydrate and define a.k.a "wash and go" style were struggling to maintain curl definition during high humid climates.  Imagine the summer time filled with hopes of wearing your preferred style for more than a day or two.  When the ENBBA Naturals styling gel was presented as an option to add to the mix of botanical based water soluble products being used in the salon, it became a staple for several clients. They were able to maintain their washngo style a full week, still moist and well defined. When asked what they like most about the ENBBA Naturals styling gel they mentioned the firm hold, the definition, the way their curls look and feel, and the shine.

Since ENBBA Naturals styling gel was working successfully for Odessa, Melissa, Nancy, Audrey, Toni, Leyla, Trudy, Dana, Nytisha, Cynita and Danielle more clients were introduced to it and requested it during the service. These ladies are truly the champions for bringing ENBBA Naturals styling gel to the foreground at Embrace Natural Beauty Salon. 



We are thrilled to announce the launch of our newest product, specifically designed for tight curly hair. After much research and development, we have created a product that we believe is a game-changer in the hair care industry.

While we originally intended to launch an entire product line, we have decided to introduce just one product at this time. Our decision is based on the overwhelmingly positive response we've received from our customers during the product testing phase. It quickly became clear that this one product stood out from the rest and was a must-have for anyone with tight curly hair.

Our new product is specially formulated to provide your hair with the moisture and nutrients it needs to look and feel its best. It's perfect for taming frizz, defining curls, and keeping your hair healthy and nourished. And, like all of our products, it's made with only the finest, natural ingredients.

We're excited to offer this amazing product to our customers and we hope you love it as much as we do. We look forward to hearing your feedback and continuing to provide you with the best hair care products on the market.

Now you are all invited to join us in the celebration of curl heaven thanks to the addition of the ENBBA Naturals styling gel.